Why will Cristiano Ronaldo not go to prison despite his two-year jail sentence.


Cristiano Ronaldo has been handed a two-year prison
sentence in Spain for tax evasion, and yet he is still
set to make his Juventus debut in August.
The 33-year-old was given the sentence and a fine of
nearly €19 million (£17m) after pleading guilty to the
four counts of tax fraud for which he was charged,
between 2011 and 2014.
Whilst the Portuguese will be paying the fine he will
not be serving any prison time despite the sentence.
So how come CR7 won’t be doing any bird for his
In Spanish law, first-time offenders committing non-
violent crimes tend to avoid actually going to prison
if their sentences are two years or less.
Instead the sentence is served under probation
meaning Ronaldo won’t be going to prison unless he
re-offends during the two-year spell.
The sentence came about after negotiations
between Ronaldo, the prosecutor’s office and the
state attorney which kept him out of jail, but ensured
he paid the hefty fine, which is the full amount of tax
he owed plus interest.
This is a similar situation to that which Lionel Messi
found himself in two years ago when he was given a
21-month prison sentence for tax fraud.
Messi was never due to serve time, but eventually the
prison sentence was reduced to a fine which covered
the length of the sentence.
The Argentinian originally paid a voluntary ‘corrective
payment’ of €5m (£4.4m) to cover the tax owed, plus
a fine of €2m (£1.7m) and a further €252,000
(£223,000)) which equated to €400 per day for his
prison sentence.
Ronaldo is now set to make his Juventus debut on
the opening day of the Serie A season away to
Chievo on Sunday 19 August.
He has not been involved in Juve’s pre-season tour
of the US which is ongoing, but it has not been
confirmed whether that was due to his tax fraud case
or not.
The Portugal captain will make his home debut for
the Old Lady on Sunday 26 August against Lazio.

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