I cursed NFF or NFA, hence there will be no peace in the glass house: Crises will continue- Joe Erico


Former super eagles goalkeeper and coach Joe Erico said the crises in the Glass house will have no bound as him and his follow coaches were harshly treated during their reign at the helms of super eagles.

The former coach who had worked with Coach Amodu and coach Stephen Keshi all of blessed memories said that the NFF board deserted truth and embraced lies said, they were hated because of their sincerity hence he placed a curse on them. During an excLusive interview with Brila FM, coach Joe said“I swore for them in the NFA or NFF when we came back in 2002. They treated all of us; Amodu, Keshi and myself just any how. The thing is that they can’t handle the truth, speak it and you’d get blackballed.
‘What basically happened was that I was very angry at the
time. I was an angry person. So I went back home,
stripped naked and put a curse on Nigeria football.

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