Italy to go a year wothout a competitive win


For the first time since 1959, Italy have gone an entire
calendar year without a competitive victory.
The Azzurri’s last win was 1-0 away win in Albania in a World
Cup qualifier on October 9, 2017.
As the next international match will be after October 9, Italy
can say they’ll go an entire year without winning a competitive game.
This poor run of form saw them failling to deafeat Sweden
in that qualification game
meaning they didn’t reach the 2018 World Cup.
Even if we include friendlies, the only success of 2018 was
2-1 win over Saudi Arabia on Roberto Mancini’s debut on May 28.
The last time Italy went a whole 12 months without a
competitive victory was in 1958 and 1959, around the time
they last failed to qualify for a World Cup tournament.

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