Cristiano Ronaldo handed a two-year jail sentence plus a 19m euros fine

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Spanish Treasury has given its approval to
the agreement reached between public prosecutors
and Cristiano Ronaldo, handing the Juventus
winger a fine of almost 19 million euros and a
two-year jail sentence.
Between 2011 and 2014, the then Real Madrid
player committed four years’ worth of tax fraud,
considered four individual crimes of which the
total amount reaches 14,768,897 euros.
In addition to that sum, reduced to 5.7m euros
during the case, Ronaldo will also pay court fees
and interest to total a fine of just under 19m
The agreement of a two-year prison sentence
means he will not serve any of that term, due to
this being his first offence.
Although the Treasury, which has recently been
subject to a change in management following the
Spanish government’s upheaval, have reached an
agreement over the fine legal sources have told EFE
that there remains a discrepancy over the length of
the prison term.
The Treasury wants to maintain the two-year
sentence to prevent reoffending, with any further
misdemeanours having to be served as it would be
a second offence.
That will be confirmed in the courts of Pozuelo de
Alarcon, where Ronaldo gave his testimony almost
a year ago to the day.

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