Anceloti defends Napoli backline


Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti has leapt to the defence of his
side’s leaky backline. “To say it’s poor isn’t reality, we’ve
played well.”
Napoli conceded eight goals in their two preseason friendlies
against Liverpool and Wolfsburg, before shipping another
three at Sampdoria in Serie A last time out.
Nonetheless, Ancelotti said at a Press conference: “To say
Napoli’s defence is poor because we’ve conceded many
goals isn’t reality.
“The team, in our three games, played well from a defensive
standpoint. Chiriches? We’ll be without him for a while, but
we’ll find solutions.
“Mertens or Milik? I haven’t made a decision. They’re in the
same condition. They came back quite tired yesterday.
“I want to see today’s training session before I make one. A
run of very important games begins. We respect Fiorentina,
but we must grow in terms of self-esteem.
“Ghosts of the past? For my part, no, but I don’t believe there
is one for the players. Sarrismo in the Treccanidictionary?
Sarri’s teams have always had a precise philosophy.
“My philosophy is probably not tied to a single identity
because I like a passing game and I also like a long-ball
game. I like attack and defence.
“My football is a little less identifiable. We had a bad result,
but it’s not the end of the world. We’re still at the start of
the season.
“I’ve read that we’re the team who have run less than
everyone else, but the data must also be analysed.
“I don’t want to say what I think because otherwise my
President would say he paid me too much money, but I’m
really happy to be here for many reasons: the value of the
team, the club, the passion of the fans and everything else.
“If tomorrow there will be only 20,000 fans in the stands,
we’ll try to put on a great show so that those who were
there will be able to tell those who weren’t saw a good
Napoli performance.
“I’m a Coach, not an ambassador or a psychologist. There’s
no need to perform any psychology.
“Everyone understood what didn’t go well in Genoa. We must
look forward.”

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