Should the ban on Manchester City from all European competitions was upheld by CAS, an exodus of stars would have been witnessed at the Etihad. But reports suggests record goalscorer Sergio Aguero is reportedly close to agreeing a new deal with the club in near future as well as mega signings expected this summer.

The ban earlier imposed on the club meant they would have been out of the Champions league next season, not minding them finishing in the England’s top four places.

The Manchester club were earlier given a two-year European ban by UEFA for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, but the ban has been overturned by Court of Arbitration for Sports today.

In recent years, Man City have been a dominant force in the Premier league, winning the league back to back in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 football season.

The ban, if upheld by CAS would have not only given room to some of its top stars to move on in search of champions league football, but would have also given the club a tough task of rebuilding it again to compete in the Champions league come 2022 of they qualify.

Interestingly, CAS ruled out the ban stating “insufficient conclusive evidence” to uphold all of its conclusions, not ‘no evidence’ according to statement by UEFA, with only the €10m (£9m) fine upheld.

While another reason for the overturn of the ban is said to be “time barred”, saying some of the allegations were more than five years.

But Where does the decision of CAS place the FFP ?

It is understood that the situation was carefully analyzed by the body before issuing out the sanction, but CAS decision has been more of a surprise to many.

In contrast, UEFA’s FFP has been of a platform to stabilize teams financial capabilities.

Recent study showed that since the regulation was established, clubs have acted with more carefulness than ever, having strike compliance and adherence.

Europe elite clubs have been attacked by the regulation but it only shakes them to a better position to operate.

Contrary to CAS ruling earlier today, should the court had ruled otherwise, upholding the ban, we would have been talking about around £150-200m lose to City in Champions league price money.

But the victory today has been the best victory ever in club’s history.


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