Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso has promised to offer his full support to Franck Ribery who returned from a league game against Parma on Sunday to see his house being burgled.

Ribery threatened to leave Florence for the safety of his family and his club president has launched a support to his player.

Commosso told the clubs official website, “I’m very disappointed with and shocked by what happened to Franck Ribery on Sunday night.”

“We’d all like to send all our support to Franck and his wonderful family. Aside from the financial loss, these events are very traumatic for the victims because you may lose personal items of sentimental value that nothing can replace.

“More importantly, you lose the sense of security we should all feel when we leave our families – our wives, our children – at home.

“We’ll do everything we can to help Franck feel safe again and help him through this difficult time.

“I’m sure that the Fiorentina family will show solidarity with Franck by making him feel the love we all have for him.” He added.


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